Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My question is what is the normal reading before diet and after diet? Is my reading after eating food which shows 7.6 normal and will it be necessary to continue my medication for the rest of my life or will I be able to stop after a certain period?

You are definitely moving in the right direction with your numbers, and "no," you do not necessarily have to be on medication the rest of your life. Much depends on your overall health and lifestyle. "Normal" fasting blood sugars are around 80 with all intent to stay under 100. Pre-diabetes resides primarily in the "gray" zone over 100 and under 126, the area of growing concern and awareness for earlier intervention to prevent complications. 2 hours post meal is ideally not over 120, which usually means blood sugars stay under 140 at all times. Without other medical complications, "normal" blood sugars are the goal. Ask your practitioner what the goals are for you. With care and focus, you can remain symptom free.

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