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Hello, I am a 42 year old woman and just recently had the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. In one week there were two occasions where I felt my blood sugar drop so my doc had me take the glucose test. Today she called and said that the first time they took my blood it was normal (fasting of course) but when I came back 2 hours later she said it was slightly elevated to 145 what is normal? I asked her if this was something I should be concerned about and she said no not right now But she wanted me to continue weight watchers and walking 2 miles a day and continue to lose weight, (which I have lost 17.2 pounds since July 7th I weigh 228 now) In 6 months I go back for my yearly physical and she wants me to repeat the 2 hour glucose tolerance test.

Your practitioner has you on the right course; lifestyle changes are the first good steps to managing the approach of a chronic condition. At 2 hours, a diagnosis of diabetes is given if the number is 200 or more. Ideally, our blood sugars drop to a normal range after 2 hours, which is under 100. This number of 145 for you is an alert that all is not in balance. Continue as you are doing, and as you feel better, you should notice all your numbers in a better range.

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