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I recently went to my family doctor and he ran some (casual) lab work on me and it came back stating that my sugar level was 6.4. What exactly does that mean? My doc tells me under 6.0 means no diabetes and above that is diabetes-- He tells me that I have diabetes- I wanted to ask you also, I had a piece of cake that morning at 4am. and my test was ran at 11am - could that be possible that the cake effected my results? Also, I have hypothyroidism, which could possible be another reason it was high, I just recently got medicated for the hypo. What are normal ratings for sugar counts?? My doc is no help and when I ask him he gets upset. I really think my family doc doesn't know what he is talking about but I am not sure.

Your results appear to be A1C levels, the average measure of your blood sugars for a three-month period. At 6.4, you would be outside the normal range and definitely would warrant reevaluating your food intake, etc. Diabetes is diagnosed with 2 fasting levels of 126, or one non-fasting blood sugar of 200. In either case, a glucose tolerance test is generally given to further define the diagnosis. Ask what your fasting blood sugars are. You have a right to a copy of your labs. Seek another opinion if you feel you cannot communicate with your current physician.

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