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Hi I am 14 years old. I am a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugars are up and down all the time. I am on humolog mix 25 I have 27units in the morning and 12 at night I am constantly feeling thirsty and loss of appetite and sleepy. My blood sugars recently are 15 to 24. Yesterday I had 1unit of fast acting insulin and it took 6 hours for my blood to go to 15 when it was 23. Can you please help me to understand why this is happening? I have had diabetes since may 2002.


I hope by now you have consulted your physician; these are blood sugars out of control. It appears you need more basal insulin, such as Lantus, to keep you covered over a 24 hour period. Since your body is in a dynamic state of growth, this coverage will continue to need modifying. You are reporting your blood sugars in Mm, which most people will not relate to. A reading of 200 is 11 mM, so reporting 15-23 puts you in over 400 at some points. Of course you will be showing symptoms. It would be so helpful for you to have more counseling if you haven't already, including dietary analysis. Do be patient with yourself, but also do not hesitate to seek advice and report symptoms. You do not want to start the path to complications. You may also want to ask you physician about an insulin pump if you can't get under control with an insulin such as Lantus. Just know, though, that in time and with the proper team, you can live a healthy life.

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