Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I was diagnosed by my doctor as having high blood sugar. I had gestational diabetes 10 yrs ago but was only told about the diagnosis but never given a special diet or anything. My sugar runs in the morning around 130-140 fasting and in the evenings around 156. What should be the normal range for a person who is 5'6, 200 pounds and age 33? I am now exercising 3x a day and have ventured onto a modified version of the Atkins Diet to control my carbs. I am due to see an Educator soon but any suggestion would help.

You made the first right step by linking up with an educator. You would like your blood sugars to be under 100 fasting. Lifestyle changes are the first key to management; it sounds as though you have taken that step. Dietary management will be the biggest challenge, but the major Key. Hopefully, this will be a main focus of your session with the Diabetes Educator. Subsequent sessions will put you in touch with all the other components of management. Being patient but diligent with yourself will keep you on a path of success.

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