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How much does 15 grams of carbs make your blood sugar go up, how many points? I was told 15 grams makes it go up 50 points. I've been trying to find an answer please help.

This is "textbook truth" just as we say 1 unit of insulin will lower blood sugars 50 units. Of course, each person's metabolism is unique. I have rarely seen an insulin-requiring/dependent person neatly fitting this formula. It is also true that you will not always respond exactly the same. A woman's menstrual cycle, for instance, may affect this rise. Also, the kind of carb and whether it is eaten alone or in combination with other foods can also make a difference. A 4 oz glass of juice will have a quicker and possibly higher spike than a 6 oz. glass of milk. You can test yourself with various foods in different combinations and at different times to see how you are affected. Remember, exercise and activity also play a big role.

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