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My Dad is 87 years old and was taking his own blood sugars Apparently what he was telling us and what was actual was very different as a result of a visit to the doctor and some follow up visits Is there a testing device that keeps history of say the last 5 or 10 tests so we could check?

I do believe all the monitoring meters on the market today store a minimum of 10 blood sugars, most store more. How old is his meter, or by what method is he testing? If he is using urine sticks, this is not the way to measure. Meters are often free with rebates; drugstores carry them. Medicare is finally paying for some supplies; the testing expense is with the strips. You might make a gift to your Dad of a new meter if needed. They require much less blood and little dexterity in getting blood to strip correctly. Older methods had to be much more precise to get accurate readings.

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