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My son is 15. He is 6' 3" and 220 lbs. He just had blood and urine work done. The doctor is monitoring his blood pressure because it's right on the borderline for being high. They monitored it for the 24 hrs with the cuff and pack at home. His sugar level was HIGH it was 126. His urine was 1+ for protein. What does all this mean. We are going over the weekend for another round on the blood work just to double check the counts. Are all of these signs of being a diabetic. My side and my husband's side both have a lot of diabetes. None of us has diabetes YET but I'm worried what is going on. Could you please help me?

This could be a sign that your son has diabetes. I will assume that these were his fasting results. 126 or above with two fasting blood sugars is the diagnosis of diabetes. Protein in the urine is a sign of kidney damage, generally seen after years of elevated blood sugars. This may be related to his blood pressure issues. This also does not mean he will forever be spilling protein since kidney tissue can repair. You'll get some direction from the second set of tests. It is important for your son to seriously evaluate his life style now, not the easiest for a growing teenager. Seek support and be patient with the learning process.

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