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For about a year now I have noticed that during pms my sugars go out of control. I take oral medication and during that time it seems to have no effect. I even have to be careful not to take too much because once my period starts my blood sugars will drop like a rock. Lately I have noticed during the pms time my kidneys ache and my urine becomes cloudy. Is all of this related to hormones or just a coincidence? If it is the hormones what will help?

Menstrual cycles can definitely effect blood sugars. With almost every condition a woman comes to me for for nutritional consultation, I focus on "fixing" PMS as a primary goal. Cutting out all refined foods, caffeine and alcohol 7-10 days is a start. This is easier said than done, but there are quality nutraceuticals combinations that are very helpful and can be compatible with current medications. For starters, work out with your physician a medication program for these days; obviously, you need less. Staying very active is most important. Getting a professional nutritional consultation would be very beneficial for you to set you on a proper path.

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