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My 50 year old husband is a Type 1 diabetic of 24+ years. At what point should a high blood sugar reading set off alarm bells as a medical emergency? He has had blood sugar readings ranging from 241 600+ over a 2 day period yet will insist he is fine & will not seek medical help. He is also an insulin pump user (5 years) and feels he can manage the extreme highs.

With such fluctuating blood sugars in that range, your husband definitely needs to make some changes. It sounds as though not only his bolus/basal rates need adjusting, but that a re visitation of his lifestyle and eating habits may also be in order. Is your husband seeing his physician every 3 months, getting an A1C test, etc.? As for feeling “fine", some people do get used to having high blood sugars and not feel symptomatic but this DOES NOT decrease the risk of complications. Pumps can be a great way to manage diabetes if well-monitored. Unfortunately, it may take a severe episode in order for your husband to accept that he needs to take better care of himself.

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