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What should be the normal blood sugar level if I check my blood right after a meal?

Most practitioners who check post-prandial (after eating) blood sugars do so on a "2 hour after eating" schedule. Generally, you do not want to be over 120, never exceeding 140 at any time in the day. For pregnant women, we often have even tighter controls. If you already have diabetes, your A1C (3 month blood sugar average) would be one determining factor of how well you may or may not be managing your blood sugars on a daily basis. You would also want to know your daily fasting levels to establish a baseline. If you are higher in the morning, your readings post-meal would be proportionate, as digested food will turn into sugar at different rates. Simple carbs will give you a higher reading 1 hour after a meal than will a protein food, such as a piece of fish. Seek assistance with your meal planning if you are getting readings out of range. Good lifestyle management will set most people on a healthy path.

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