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Hi! I have a strong family history of diabetes. I had gestational diabetes in which I had to take insulin shots. (I was 26 at that time) 8 months postpartum I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid/Graves. After the baby the doc asked me to check my sugar for a week or 2. My after eating levels were normal, around 90-110. My fasting sugar started around 80, but kept creeping up, to about 110. Now, my fasting sugars are about, 102, 111, 113, 117, 120..but again, after eating it's usually normal. The highest was 168. Is this related to thyroid and will it fix itself once my thyroid is straightened out or is it seperate on it's own? Should I be concerned at all or is that still normal enough?

Have you discussed this with your health care team? Are you on any medications that may be secondary contributors to elevated fasting blood sugars? The fact that you have a genetic disposition to diabetes has "opened you up" to a trigger: your newly diagnosed conditions. It is more typical for morning blood sugars to be high due to hormonal nocturnal elevations. It appears you have pre-diabetes. I suggest you carefully review your eating and exercise habits and seek counseling if you need guidelines for better management.

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