Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I was transferred to the hospital by ambulance because I went unconscious for about 30 minutes. The doctors kept telling my family that my blood sugar was so low that it was too low to count. They said my blood sugar was below 30 and that it wouldn't even count on the machine. We are keeping in contact with my doctor to see what to do. But until then what do I do?

Do you have diagnosed diabetes, or is this a first episode? It is most important that you get assistance with your meal plans; food sources and timing are vital to good control of blood sugars. Assessment of current medications, if any, will be a consideration. It is important to pay attention to any symptoms: dizziness, fuzzy thinking, etc. that can be warnings for low blood sugars. If you do start to experience low blood sugar, drink 4 oz. of juice or 6 oz. of milk to stop the plunge and then follow with a protein snack or meal.

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