Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


We have a significant incidence of Type II diabetes in my family. My sister, who has not been diagnosed and has no symptoms and is not really overweight (maybe 10-20 lbs), said just for fun that she should check her blood sugar. She was shocked to see it was 217 and made me check it again and it was 203. I told her to go have a 3-hr glucose test and she discounted the whole issue and denied she could be developing a problem. She did take my extra meter home with her and by 3 hours after the beginning of dinner, her sugar level was down to 95. She doesn't think there is a problem because she has no symptoms, but I still think she should be checked because I had diabetes for a long time before I got any symptoms.

She could very well be in the pre-diabetes state, or what we used to term "hyperinsulinemic". The peak time for blood sugar is generally around an hour after eating. She should do some fasting checks and see if she approaching 100. No matter what the numbers, the best advice is to get a good handle on lifestyle. Exercise and healthy food choices are still the best first defense. Denial is a comfort zone for many people, especially when it involves curbing our favorite foods.

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