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I was diagnosed several years ago with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (in addition to having an underactive thyroid). The endocrinologist put me on Glucophage as part of my treatment. I recently went for my regular yearly check up. She decided to do a glucose work-up. I told her I had eaten breakfast. I also told her that I was not faithfully taking my glucophage because I was suffering from the side effects. A nurse called me several days later and said I was being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My A1C reading was 6.4 and my glucose was 145. Everything I have read says I am in the "danger zone" but not yet diabetic. I asked the nurse why I was being diagnosed as diabetic. She said based on the test results this was the doctor's conclusion. She said she would pass my question along. That was a week ago and I have not heard from her. Since then I went back on the glucophage and have been monitoring my numbers. My fasting number has not gone above 88 and my non-fasting has not gone above 148. I just don't see why she diagnosed me as diabetic. Am I in denial or should I get a second opinion?

A better answer to your question is to be testing yourself on a daily basis without the intervention of the Glucophage in your system. Two fasting glucoses of 126 or greater is now the official diagnosis for diabetes. Your A1C is also elevated. This does not mean you cannot maintain normal blood sugars with lifestyle management. Perhaps by now you have discussed your course with your healthcare team, and understand that you must be self-dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

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