Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I have a meter to check my blood sugar and don't know when to do it. My mother recently passed away after five years on Dialysis from Type II Diabetes and my father is also type II Diabetic. Both were diagnosed at 50 years old. I have symptoms and before I alert everyone I would like to do the simple blood sugar check in my home. I am 47 years old, with tingling sensations and extremely brittle hair and dry skin. I tend to feel faint if I don't stay on a meal plan and will get a headache. I took my blood sugar one hour after lunch and it was 214 which may be normal because of the timing? My last glucose fasting was done in my thirties....

I hope you have scheduled a visit to your doctor for testing. Any blood sugar reading over 200 no matter when you take it - is generally diagnosed as diabetes. You are already reporting symptoms, which may indicate you have been living with abnormal blood sugars for many years. Start with lifestyle changes and get the support you need. It is time for a thorough lab work up for you. Don't delay.

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