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My OB/GYN said that before my husband and I can try to conceive again my morning fasting blood sugars should be in the 90's under 100... Well, I have managed to bring my daily levels down from between 120 - 130 mg/dL to around 100 - 110 mg/dL with diet and exercise and a weight loss of 45 pounds... but I can't seem to get my sugar down to the 90's on a regular basis, only maybe once a week and then it will spike once or twice a week to around 115. Now this morning at 5 am my fasting blood sugar was 95 which is great I was very happy.... but then I went back to sleep and at 8 am when I got out of bed it was up to 117.

My question is why is there this jump in the blood sugar when I haven't had anything to eat or drink between the tests? And is there anything else I can do to help get my fasting blood sugars down that last little bit that I need to? I am already taking baby aspirin, a multi vitamin, chromium picolinate, a b complex vitamin and extra calcium and really don't want to take any prescriptions med's if I don't have to.

For many, the time between 5 AM and waking will increase the blood sugar due to a hormonal increase; this is known as the "Dawn Phenomena". Pregnancy will generally elevate this number. With gestational diabetes, insulin is often required until delivery. Your physician is attempting to troubleshoot that possibility with you. I suggest you have a nutritional consult with someone who understands diabetes management to help with control.

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