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My doctor told me take a fasting test for 3 months. I have been doing the same since January 11, 2005. My fasting level has on 2 occasions gone to 140 and 142 and most of the time its around 90 to 123. Even when I had sweets and ice-cream, it was around 122. My 2 hour test shows sugar level between 120 and 130 normally. I am confused.

Whenever I have had sex the previous night, the next day fasting sugar was normal. Does sex have any relation in reduction of level of glucose in blood.

I have noted due to my job at times I am in a lot of stress and this had increased my glucose level to 140, though I was on a very strict diabetes management on those days. Can you please advise me. Am I a pre-diabetic patient?

You fit the guidelines for pre-diabetes, and keep comfort in knowing that it is manageable. Fasting blood sugars are higher due to hormonal activity during the night, then "settle down" in the daytime if one is on the path of a healthier lifestyle. Any form of physical activity will help to burn up excess blood sugar, one of the first lines of defense for good control. Stress will raise blood sugars, which is why it is important to find avenues to keep you calmer. Stay with it; you're on the right track.

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