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Should I be doing anything extra to try and lower my fasting glucose level? I took a fasting glucose test last year and it was at 123. I also took an OGGT and my 2 hour level was at 105. My current practitioner said my results were normal and I should not be put on any medication. My blood pressure was @ 130/80. Are my current results normal?

100mg/dl is now considered to be pre-diabetic. Your BP may or may not be moving into the "borderline high" category. Have you had a thorough dietary consult? This could include nutritional supplements to help lower the fasting glucose. You've been moving your numbers in the right direction so continue on the high activity path and other positive lifestyle changes. Medication, based on your information, should not be indicated. Did you get an A1C level checked? Ideally, this would be under "6" in your case, but certainly under "7" and dropping. There are many different thoughts on how to manage pre-diabetes, and it should be based on one's total picture, not just because of a number.

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