Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I was tested by my doctor last month and my blood sugar level was 124. He explained that I may be diabetic. I was tested by my doctor again a week later, this time at 140, both times fasting. I asked to try diet and exercise to get the numbers down before going on medication. I have made a total life style change regarding my diet and exercise. My doctor gave me an Acencia Contour to monitor my blood sugar level. I test myself in the morning after a 11 hour fast and my reading is always 135-150. I check myself again 4 hours after lunch and before I go to bed, approximately 4 hours after dinner. My levels are never over 116. I don't understand why my fasting levels are so high. I have been checking myself for 8 days now. Is this normal or do you think that there may be a problem with my meter?

Your meter is probably OK. For most folks, diabetes shows up as high fasting blood sugars and normal levels the rest of the day as long as one is eating reasonably and following a healthy lifestyle. During the night, your body is hormonally active; this creates a blood sugar surge in the early AM. With diabetes, this surge exceeds the threshold. There are nutrient supplements that have been shown to help lower blood sugars in many cases. Also, truly working on controlling your inner stress levels is a huge key. It is wise to make sure you are truly following an eating plan targeted to lower your blood sugars.

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