Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I am a Type 2 diabetic of 3 years; the condition is controlled by diet and exercise. I have recently lost 43 lbs. For the past 14 days, I've been on a regime of walking between 22 and 28 miles per week. My morning blood sugar ranges 89-95; however, since walking the range is 98-103. I wondered if I am exercising too much or what might be causing the rise in morning glucose. Additionally, should I eat more protein to balance out the glucose increase?

A consultation with a diabetes educator would be a good idea for you. A better food intake balance is often indicated even when we think we understand it all. Supportive nutritional supplements can also be helpful when professionally guided. Elevated AM blood sugars are often about hormonal nocturnal increases. Exercise can elevate blood sugars in the short run, but overall, it is a key to better management. Continue with your healthy lifestyle focus, and see if you don't soon fall back into a lower range as you lose inches. If not, you should revisit all you are doing, in detail, and know that there are other steps one can take in this stage before medications are suggested.

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