Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I would like to know why, after fasting about 10 - 12 hours, my sugar continues to run high in the morning? ( 170 - 200) During the daytime, I stay between 90 - 120. I take oral meds (type 2) of 1 glipizide and 1 avandia in the morning and the same thing in the eve before bedtime.

Generally, blood sugars are higher in mornings due to a rise of hormones during the early morning. Guidelines are that once one has maxed out on the oral medicine combination, it may be time to think about a course of insulin. Effective therapy can include insulin at bedtime to detoxify the beta cells of the pancreas. This does not necessarily mean one is on insulin forever. In your case, the daytime dosage may be too much, or not needed if the focus is shifted to more intensive bedtime therapy. Additions of nutraceuticals and "alternative" therapies like acupuncture have helped. Practitioners knowledgeable in this type of combining may require a search depending on where you live. At least have an endocrinologist make sure all other systems are functioning in normal range.

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