Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I sometimes experience drastic low blood sugar levels and need something to eat, FAST! What would you recommend in a food emergency?

My first recommendation is to improve your overall food intake, so that emergency food is not such an issue. Quick fixes like candy and juice have a price later: quick crashes. Balanced eating to include legumes and whole, unrefined foods are a good goal to work towards. This is a big challenge for many if not used to eating this way. If you eat yogurt or drink milk, 6 oz. can bring you up nicely if you are not too low already. If you are very low and shaky, 4 oz of juice will work, then follow up with something more substantial. A slice of cheese or handful of roasted nuts can be a tide over until next meal. Waiting too many hours between meals is inviting potential problems, such as you are experiencing.

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