Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My sugar readings have been reading between 400 and 538 but I feel fine. When it drops below 300 I get a really bad headache. Do you know what might be causing this.

Most likely, you have been running high blood sugars for so long that you have adapted to those levels. Now, when your blood sugar drops a bit (but is still too high), your body actually perceives it as low blood sugar if you come down too quickly.

"Feeling fine" has got a price tag with it; you will at some point, if not already, begin to experience complications from the disease. Numbness in hands/feet are usually first noticed. Vision becomes compromised; other organ systems begin to show affects if left unchecked. If you are not actively under care of a physician who specializes in diabetes management, I suggest you immediately seek that care. You may very well have other cardiovascular conditions developing. Getting assistance with managing a healthier lifestyle is imperative; see if you have a Diabetes Educator in your area.

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