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What blood sugar level is considered too low before you can go into a coma? I'm asking because my husband's sugar dropped to 40 and could not stay awake, he was seeing things, not making any sense and unable to walk. I did get medical attention right away.

For some people, 40 would be a coma state. Once it drops to 30, that is usually low enough to have one in a coma. At that level, blood sugars drop quickly and you are not far from 0.

Are you now trained in glucagon administration? If your husband is on medications for diabetes, it sounds as though there should be a tapering down of dosage. His food intake may also need some polishing up. Make sure you learn all you can about your husband's current condition(s) from his health care team but keep in mind that the patient must want to get better. This means taking greater charge of his own health.

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