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I am a type 2 diabetic on 1000 mg of Glucophage twice daily and 45 mg of Atos daily. I have had surgery for removal of an invasive tumor in my breast. I am taking Calcium D-Glucarate, I-P6, Flax seed oil and need to find a good vitamin-mineral for diabetics. I seem to have trouble with most of them. I am allergic to iodine and need one without ion. I sure hope you can help me. Thanks so much!

What you are allergic to is the form(s) of iodine you have been taking; not the substance itself. Iodine is necessary for certain physiologic functions. Without it, goiters will grow causing bulging necks! Make sure that any supplement you get is "hypoallergenic". There are so many on the market. Not all of them have iron. You do want one that is comprehensive: a long listing on the mineral side. You may want to locate a nutritionist in your area who works with nutritional supplements. It would benefit you to have your medical history taken so that a program can be individualized for you. Many nutritionals have been looked at for diabetes/cardiovascular conditions: lipoic acid, magnesium, garlic, bilberry, gymena sylvestra, B6, essential fatty acids--to name just a few. If you can find a reputable health food store, they may have a hypoallergenic supplement designed for diabetes. Remember that supplements only work well as long as your lifestyle changes are maintained.

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