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I'm 31 & have been Diabetic for two years. I take medication for it, no insulin. What I was wondering is it a guarantee that all diabetics will be on insulin sooner or later? I really don't want to go that route. Could you tell me what vitamins if any help to lower levels? Thank you.

No, it is not a "given" that you will be on insulin. The consensus within the medical community is that diabetes is a progressive disease, and that some form of medication will be required if living with the disease long enough. As with anything else in life, exceptions can occur. The best way to begin the preventive path is serious lifestyle changes based around food intake and activity levels. We have answered many questions related to this, which you can refer to in our archives. Seriously working on one's stress triggers is a critical factor. There are vitamin/mineral depletions that occur with poor lifestyle and the disease process. A comprehensive, hypoallergenic multivitamin is a good start. Essential fatty acids, as is found in fish oils, are often deficient, as is magnesium, in maintaining proper nerve conduction and cellular reactions. There are many supplements looked at for benefit in diabetes. Our booklet, Diabetes Management: The Basics and Beyond references many of these. It is always wise to coordinate supplement intake with someone knowledgeable, particularly when taking other medications.

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