Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

Does fructose raise glucose levels or is it something different. I noticed the chemical formulas are the same. I have recently been diagnosed as having high glucose levels and I can't understand why as I have very little in the way of sugary foods. I do however eat a lot of fruit and drink a fair amount of fruit juice. Should I be avoiding these?

The first issue to address here is that of eating lots of fruit and drinking juices: both are quick convertors into glucose. Fruit as a food is preferable to juice; some individuals cannot eat fruit unless "cushioned" by a meal. Generally, we advise 1 fruit serving at a time. Testing your blood sugar will let you know how these foods affect you. Glucose and fructose are similar in structure but they are not exactly the same. Fructose is processed via a different pathway than glucose and converts more slowly into blood sugar. However, it has been implicated in contributing to lipid abnormalities. As always advised, exercise moderation and stay active.

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