Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I was wondering if I could eat anything with real sugar in it at all since my doctor told me to stay off sugar?

Managing diabetes is about balance and moderation. Certainly simple sugars, such as juice, soda, candies, etc. can immediately elevate blood sugar. Can one ever eat any of these "forbidden" foods? An active person who basically eats whole foods that includes veggies and higher fiber foods and monitors blood sugars regularly can incorporate desired foods into their eating plan. Find out from your health care team what the desired blood sugar goals are for you; checking two hours after a meal can give you an idea on how that mix of foods has elevated you. If it's "white" (starches), it will raise you more quickly. See if there is a nutritionist that can help you with some foundation guidelines from which you can begin to individualize for yourself.

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