Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

A family member has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He travels on his job and works long hours. He would like to know what snacks might be feasible to carry to a job site where his brief case may be the only storage available.

Snacks for the briefcase must, of course, be those that do not spoil. Nuts, raw or dry roasted, can be a good choice, particularly almonds which carry other medicinal benefits. Peanuts, generally a favorite, are higher in protein. Some form of nut butter on whole grain crackers or rice cakes works well for some individuals. Make sure the nut butter is without sugar and added oils (as is the case with most popular peanut butters.) Cheese balls packaged in wax casings can hold up here as well without an odor if carried during the day. If one is truly motivated, a cooler can be kept in the car so that "spoiling" snacks can be kept.

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