Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I would like to know how would you consider products sweetened with fructose, like chocolates, jams, and candies. Are they considered safe for diabetic people? I am asking you this because traveling to Europe I have discovered many products like this considered apt for diabetics.

"Safety" is not really the issue here; it is more "how will this impact my blood sugar?" Fructose is metabolized differently than sucrose; it does not turn into blood sugar as rapidly. Too much fructose may adversely affect your lipids, or body fats. This could show up as a rise in triglycerides and/or cholesterol. Look at the carbohydrate content of each of these products. A single carb serving is 15 grams. If one chocolate is 15 grams, you may be "ok". If you notice a rise in blood sugar as a result, this may not be for you. A good way to test "new" products is NOT to change anything else you are doing so that you can measure results more accurately. Many things will work for us in moderation.

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