Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I have been a boderline diabetic for 10 years and my doctor said that my blood test with fasting was really close that I will probably have to take medication. I have had a lot of stress for the past 5 years and gained weight etc. I am now working on my problem but I never see any thing on how many carbs you should eat per meal. Talking with the Diabetic assoc. they stated that on a 1300 to 1500 calorie diet it should be no more than 46 carbs. per meal how does that sound to you please tell us what a daily carb intake should be for different diets.

There is no pat answer here. In my experience, I have found 1-2 starch servings to be about right for many people. One is always encouraged to load up on veggies and modify fruit. On a calorie-restricted intake, it is important to get the most nutrition out of your food you can. Checking your blood sugars will let you know how you're being affected by your intake.

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