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My mother has diet controlled diabetes. She is starting a protein diet. I am a student in anatomy class. My professor has stressed to us the importance of proper nutrition especially for those with diabetes. She has also described how ketoacidosis can lead to a diabetic coma is not monitored. Where can I find this information on the web so that I can link my mother to these sites allowing her to see for herself how dangerous this diet can be. Thank you!

To first put your mind at rest, if your Mother is doing well on diet-control, ketoacidosis is an extremely remote concern. This generally is more of a concern for insulin-requiring/dependent people with diabetes. Another factor to consider also is the type of protein diet she is following: is this mainly one of animal sources and higher fats? This is tough on the kidneys and can upset the acid/alkaline pH of the body. Plant sources of protein balanced with a high intake of veggies are an important incorporation. Each person with diabetes is going to respond differently to foods, which is why there is not "magic formula" for best control. Keeping close track of blood sugars and other routine lab markers for endocrine functioning can help determine if the current course is appropriate.

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