Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I have heard that creatine may be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes caused by obesity. What are your thoughts on this? I have a 54 year old father that suffers with this and would like to help him in any way possible.

Creatinine is a high-energy compound that energizes muscles during short activity bursts--generally reserved in supplement form for performance athletes. For your father, the best approach is to find a nutritionist in your area who can work with him on eating and activity plans. This should be done in a manner realistic for "sticking to the program". Stabilizing blood sugars would be the first goal; from that, one can begin to see other health-related conditions improve. Weight loss will be a byproduct of improved health. Nutritional supplements have their place; it is good if you can work with a nutritionist knowledgeable is this area.

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