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I am a 24 year old male in decent physical shape. I have begun a weightlifting program. My problem is all of the fitness magazines I have read (I have a subscription), believe in carb loading after a workout as well as not eating prior to workouts, and many other things that seem to contradict a healthy diabetic lifestyle. I was interested in finding all available literature specifically pertaining to supplements and diabetes, weight training and diabetes, and proper nutrition for the body building diabetic.

I don't have a list of references for you, but can give you some advice. You first have to make sure your blood sugars are as balanced as you can get. I'm also going to assume that you have been given clearance for this by your practitioner. It is true that carbs do burn better and faster. It can also be true that those involved in heavy competition may need extra protein. Have you done some testing with yourself with foods like legumes (navy, pinto , kidney, and other beans) and nut butters? These represent a mix of carbs, proteins and fats that are not "tough" on the digestive tract. Testing your blood sugars, of course is a key. How does weightlifting affect your blood sugars, and in what time frame? Do you go low hours later? If you eat veggies, beans, some starch like potato or pasta and some fruit after a heavy workout, what does that do to your blood sugar 1 hour later? A glass of whole milk prior to the workout may be what's needed to carry you through. It will take some disciplined tracking on your part to see what foods will work. We wish you success!

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