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Hi, my friend's father is a diabetic who was taking glucophage and has now become insulin dependent. He takes one insulin shot a day 20 humulin. I wanted to know if there was any natural vitamin or a specific food that would reduce his current/future sugar level which is presently over 200? I didn't know if there was something that acted with sugar like garlic acts with cholesterol?

There are several vitamins, minerals and herbals that have been shown in studies to help with lowering blood sugar and/or are needed to help correct deficiencies caused by the disease. Among these are chromium, fenugreek, lipoic acid, gumar, magnesium, essential fatty acids, coQ10 and others. You can request a copy of the booklet Managing Your Diabetes: Basics and Beyond from this website. If there is a nutritionist in your area who can individualize for you, that would be more ideal. Remember: always start with the basics of "right eating" and healthy lifestyle. Searching through our Archives section will give you a lot of practical information.

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