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I am a 39 year old male who just got diagnosed with diabetes (unknown yet as to what type). I have been watching my sugar levels and found after eating two Clementines my blood sugar shot up to 238 from 119.I have not eaten fruit since. How can I enjoy fruit and not have to use insulin to regulate my blood sugar?


This is not a question of just eating fruit; it is about total daily intake, daily activity, and where you are in your insulin or non-insulin producing stage of your diabetes. Often, one fruit at a time (small) is all some people can eat at a sitting without raising blood sugars. Others can only eat a piece of fruit with some protein source. It would be wise for you to get a full nutritional consult, which means keeping a food log for a time of all you eat--by amounts. It takes time to learn what foods affect you; no two people are the same due to individualized metabolism. Time will let you know if you continue to or not to produce insulin. Be patient with yourself, but do be open to seeking appropriate and objective assistance in helping you to take charge of yourself. Ultimately, you are the only true manager of your diabetes.

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