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What can we do as diabetics when we get a sugar craving and it lasts for a few hours? I have tried using sugar free fruit and also half and orange or apple. I don't know what else to do.


Sugar cravings are traceable to everything you are eating. If your daily intake is geared more towards refined carbs, you will crave sugar. If you have legumes, lots of veggies, nuts, moderate non-plant protein sources, and focus on unrefined foods more than refined, your blood sugar rises more slowly, reducing those signals for the quick fix that sweets provide. You can build in a dessert much more effectively if you are an active person and eating more balanced. A visit with a nutritionist who knows about diabetes would serve you well to at least get a good foundation. If you feel you are already eating as suggested then try, increasing your water consumption, cutting out caffeinated drinks, and increasing your exercise/activity level.

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