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My mother was advised that she could go on the zone diet plan - she is a type II diabetic, but she also has to lose weight. She is 5 foot tall and is now between 180 - 190 lbs. I have had her along with myself on the zone since the 21st of January. The only problem is the very first day her blood level was down to 90, which she was happy about, but since then it has risen to 169 in the morning. It seems each time she eats fruit ( which is called for on the diet , at least three times daily ) Her blood level skyrockets. Her blood level always goes up if she has fruit, pastas, rice, and potatoes. But not if she eats sweets. My father is also type II and he is the opposite, he can eat all of the above, but he can't eat sweets. Can you give me an answer on how this is possible ?


Refined carbs and fruits metabolize quickly into sugar, requiring quicker outputs of insulin to cover the job. If insulin supplies are diminished or impaired, blood sugars go up. Protein foods break down more slowly and are released as sugar at a different rate. However, larger quantities of flesh proteins may cause higher blood sugars up 48 hours later. They can also tax the kidney system. Plant-based proteins, like legumes, are a good addition. Many sweets are high in fat, one reason for some rises in sugar being less dramatic. It would be beneficial for your mother to get help with individualizing her meal plans around her blood sugar patterns. There is no one diet that fits all.

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