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I just started on a protein drink 16mg per scoop, I also take vit. c-500mg, vit.e-400iu and noni juice. My prescribed meds. are glucophage 500mg x twice per day, zoloft 50 qhs, and zyrtec q 2-3 days. My protein drink says it has 100% daily value but, upon investing, it does not have the recommended daily amount of vitamin c or e. It has 30mg of one and 35mg of the other. Is it safe for me to continue to take my vitamins with the protein drink and is it safe for me to take the drink and vitimans with my prescribed meds? I work out 5 days per wk. 1 1/2hr. weight training and, 45min. to 1hr. cardio on alternate days.


Yes, you are fine taking your multivitamin. The RDA's are certainly not therapeutic dosages; many nutritional supplements are only absorbed at a percentage of what is claimed as being present in the product. It is important for you to focus on eating nutrient-dense foods and stay well-hydrated.

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