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I have diabetes. Whenever I go on ANY diet or even attempt to maintain on a diabetic diet--Within several days I am succumbed by extremely painful cramps. They seem to appear throughout my body. In time they seem to go away. This cramping is reducing my ability to maintain the diabetic diet. Any suggestions?


I would have to know what you are calling a "diabetic" diet. Symptoms you are describing are not the result of what we are recommending: eating whole foods in moderation. We have much discussion in our Archives section on eating for diabetes. It is not about deprivation. The whole foods recommended are actually very nutrient dense, and would have a positive effect. Low magnesium and potassium are two nutrients whose absence may show up as cramping. Dehydration, which is common with the population in general, and particularly with high blood sugars, can also lead to such symptoms. Have you had a nutritional consult? One thorough evaluation should lead you in the right direction.

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