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I have type II diabetes and am able to control it with diet and exercise. I am 60, female and have some shoulder joint pain and some knee pain associated with arthritis. I started taking glucosamine chondroitan and my blood glucose levels jumped several points. When I went off of it, the levels went back down. Evidently there is some sugar in the product. Do you know of any like product I can take that won't raise my glucose levels? I have tried straight MSM also with same results.


Glucosamine is formed from glucose, simple sugar, and glutamine, and amino acid. It has been shown to raise blood sugars in some individuals. There are other things you can do. Your first consideration is to make sure you are eating a low-acid "diet," are well hydrated, and are active. Exercise your joints regularly. Depending on your diet analysis, other supplements could be indicated. Flax oil and evening primrose oil can be helpful in addition to a good balance of major macro and micro vitamins and minerals. Magnetic therapy may also help with generalized pain; research continues in this area.

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