Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive



I have been a type two diabetic since 1998. I always look for ways to maintain. I watch my sugar intake and carbohydrates. What do you think about the Atkins and South Beach diets.


Of the two diets, "South Beach," designed by a physician to target cardiac patients, does suggest a better balance of whole foods while ascribing to a higher protein intake. Legumes, high in protein, are encouraged. This is opposed to the more traditional Atkins diet that "allowed" for higher animal protein and fat intake. When it comes to diets, there is no "right one"; each of us has unique metabolisms. However, focusing first on whole foods that retain nutrients and fiber is the first best shift. From there, individual plans can be devised depending on your personal history. My years of experience has me often combining more than one approach for the same individual. Through fine tuning of foods, liver detoxification and other physiological "cleansings" can be initiated to achieve better balance. Diet discussions will forevermore remain controversial.

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