26.2 miles of pain and diabetes awareness!

9-year-old me, the little dreamer with the strange haircut
9-year-old me, the little dreamer with the strange haircut

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Dear Family and Friends,

Years ago, on a sunny day in Lexington, Massachusetts, a 9-year-old Julia Bond ran her first competitive mile in gym class. She had been unaware of the fact that this was mile-run day when she made her mother painstakingly do her hair in the style of her then-idol Princess Leia that morning. If you had been in the backyard of Estrabrook Elementary School that day, you would have seen a tiny, sweatpants-clad girl with Princess Leia buns dispatching all but 2 of her classmates while cruising to the finish line. It was at the end of that run that she decided someday, she would run a marathon.

Fast forward to the present, and many things have changed. I am (slightly) taller. I no longer rock Princess Leia buns (due to laziness, not some sort of newfound awareness of style). I do my own laundry. But I haven't yet lost interest in running a marathon. On New Year's Day this year, the first thing I did was decide that 2012 was my year to finally run 26.2. The second thing I did was break my foot while walking down to the subway. Whoops.

That slight speed bump aside, I'm now officially healed and registered for the Chicago marathon this October. I'm using this as an opportunity to raise money for diabetes research through the Diabetes Action Team. I would love your support in any way you can provide it. Please rest assured that I will keep track of who donates, and I will owe you a favor.

Thanks so much everyone!

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