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Dear Family and Friends,

This October, I plan on running the 2014 Chicago Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team. Thank you for all of the support from everyone when I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon in my junior year at Boston College. I decided to run this marathon for three reasons.

One, I cannot say how much I appreciated the cheering of the crowd and just to see the spectators and runners cheer each other on to finish the 26.2 miles. It was just an ourpouring of love like nothing else in the world and something that I wish to experience again.

Two, I was originally planning on attending Notre Dame, studying a Masters in Patent Law, which would have brought me to the Chicago area. But, after some time of personal reflection, I realized that I find working in lab as I have done for the past 3 years and knowing that what I do each and every day at work can make a difference is a passion that I just cannot give up. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Novartis now, where hopefully I can continue my passion and pursue the dream of helping others.

Three, diabetes is a disease that has greatly affected my family. My grandfather passed away when I was 8 years old from complications relating to Type 2 diabetes. From what I remember, he was a very happy and loving man who loved all of his grandchildren very much, and I so wish that I had more time with him. My father and a few of my aunts also have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and so far, they are managing the condition very well. I do pray that as they get older however, that they may maintain their health and bless me and my family with their love and joy as long as possible.

Diabetes is one of the most common and serious chronic diseases in the United States. The incidence of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing. 26 million Americans have diabetes, and 1 million more are diagnosed every year. This includes 15,000 children who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year.

You can help!

All of the money I raise for the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation will fund research to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes. Every dollar counts so please donate what you can. Together, we can make a difference.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

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